Sunday, November 19, 2017

Town of Ashland votes to protect Wildcat Hill

From Curt Hoffman:

At Town Meeting on Tuesday, November 14th, the citizens of Ashland, Massachusetts voted to purchase a 34-acre parcel adjacent to the Town Forest, for a sum of $926,000.  This parcel includes the well-known Wildcat Hill sites, which have many stone structures.  This fact was noted at the meeting and was explicitly one of the factors in favor of the purchase.  The Town also voted to expend $40,050 for Town Forest improvements, which will include a 5-car parking lot at the Oregon Road end of the White Trail, which passes by Wildcat Hill, making it more accessible to the public.

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[Wildcat Hill]

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Great photos from Arabia

here (click on the '>').  If those things were in New England they would be called "stone walls". Leading to the question: how many things like the Arabian "kites" are in fact hiding in plain sight - looking very much "colonial farmer..."?

Sunday, November 12, 2017

College Rock - too much to post

I went with the LFHs to College Rock in Hopkinton. That place is so full of things it is daunting to blog about. I'll at least try posting some random pics later.

Snake Meadow Brook - mounds against boulders

I took a quick walk in from the road and noticed a tall bit of stone wall. We always like it when the wall gets to be more than 8 feet tall.
A striking bit of stone wall. See the triangular stone in the middle? I noticed the boulder behind had a scatter of smaller stones. In fact the inside corner of the wall (just right of the above photo) looked like this:
Then there  was another boulder with rocks on it:
I was distracted from looking at this in detail by the larger boulder that became visible:
Here is the vista with yet another boulder with pile in the foreground:
Of the four major boulders, all had piles on them. This is the largest:
Off in a little side valley, this was a high point of water, only a few feet from access by boat. 

I should recall that at Horse Hill, not too far away, there is an area where there are several mounds somewhat like these, built against boulders. It is a particular style for this part of MA, that seems to me to be older than most of the other structures here.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

More on Cairns from Redwing MN

Reader Steve in MN writes:
I have a few more photos of one of the Red Wing, MN rock cairns if you are interested. I hiked out there yesterday and used a 30' mapping pole with a camera to take some birds-eye view shots. Of the four cairns I've found so far, this one is the most complete (though looks like it was systematically dismantled and the rocks put in piles).

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Some nice pics


Berks man believes he has found Indian burial ground, artifacts

Have we seen this?

Quartz arrowhead

On Friday I took the opportunity to go for a walk after work one last time before the clocks changed. Temperatures have been significantly above average for most of this autumn, and it felt more like a summer evening, than a November day. We have gotten some rain, some new things were exposed. This is a decent point and I was happy to find it. Spotting a prehistoric tool fully exposed on the surface of the ground is a thrill that never gets old.
 There were some other fragments to find as well.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Split Wedged Rock from northern Scandinavia

Seen on Netflix in the movie "Ragnarok":
What do we think about this? A pan-arctic ceremonialism?